Street & Smith 1984 Preview Issue

Street and Smith's 1984 Preview Issue

Street and Smith’s 1984 Preview Issue

So I had to pick this up on eBay.  It just arrived yesterday.

I started to dive through it a bit last night and, coming from the background of setting up to do a cards & dice replay, was really startled at how many advertisements are in here for games.

I came across at least two that I didn’t recognize as well as those for Strat-o-Matic (of course), Avalon Hill (I think this was done in cooperation with Sports Illustrated, if I recall correctly), Koch (which I owned and then paid a fortune to reclaim off of eBay because the two seasons I owned got sold at a garage sale or something when I was away at college; I’m still a little bitter about it), and Replay (which I didn’t even realize has been around for so long).

I haven’t seen an ad for APBA, but I haven’t really gone through every page of the issue yet.

Looking forward to getting through this and remembering what led up to the 1984 season as well as seeing what some of the predictions were for the season.

In my household I have strong memories of my dad bringing home an annual preview magazine with Bill Mazeroski’s name on it.  I haven’t been able to find a copy of his ’84 preview yet, nor have I been able to confirm that Maz was doing the magazine in that year.

But Street and Smith’s has been the standard for some time, so this one will do just nicely.


4 responses to “Street & Smith 1984 Preview Issue

    I loved Street & Smiths when I was a kid.
    Couldn’t always afford it, but loved it just the same.
    The yearly magazine I do for our FTF, C&D league is a takeoff on Street & Smiths.
    Nice that your dad brought home baseball magazines.
    My step father, a good man, didn’t care for sports at all. (he was a special man except for his lack of interest in sports).
    Wouldn’t watch unless we were at someone else’s home and that was what was on.
    Anyway, looking forward to your 1984 season.


  2. When I did my 1979 APBA replay, I went on ebay and bought a bunch of 1979 baseball print material. Really brought the replay home.

    Have fun!


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