First Games Rolled

Well I finally started rolling a few games this past Monday night.  If they were any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for some crazy.

Without naming names, the first game had a score like a church league softball game (16-8) while the second game featured blown saves by both teams followed by 8 innings of shutout relief pitching to result in an 18-inning ballgame.

It was more than a little exhausting but I still have to say that it’s entertaining to see so many names from my childhood being brought back to life.

Look for weekly recaps of the real 1984 MLB season starting this weekend!


4 responses to “First Games Rolled

  1. I believe 1984 is the year I did a complete 26-team tournament in bracket form using APBA.
    I only remember the Houston Astros won the whole thing.
    Bob Knepper won the Cy Young award.
    And some guy named Jim Pankovitz won MVP!


  2. Yes! I see their pythagorean record was 88-74.
    Quite a difference.


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