Gooden debuts

Well here’s a pitcher whose card I will definitely be looking forward to playing with – Dwight Gooden.

Here’s Gooden’s debut inning in Major League Baseball, going up against the Houston Astros.

Due up for the ‘stros were 2B Bill Doran, RF Terry Puhl and SS Dickie Thon.

One of those things I’m always struck by when watching an old broadcast is the absence of any chryons on the screen.  It used to be that when you watched a game you had to wait until between innings to find out what the score was and what inning you were in.

Now of course we have the score, the inning, the count, which runners are on base, etc.  Which is, of course, for the better.  But back in 1984 we were probably watching games on a 12 inch screen.  There wasn’t enough real estate on our television to display those kinds of things.

So, hoorah for big screens!

It would have been nice to see the radar gun reading on that final pitch to Thon, because it sure looks like it’s in the upper 90s.

Gooden was such a monster in those early years.  Seemed like a sure-fire Hall of Famer after those first few seasons.

I’ll have more thoughts on “Doc” as we get into things a bit deeper here.

Hope everybody has an enjoyable long weekend.


2 responses to “Gooden debuts

  1. I notice two things.
    1) Dang those uniforms look tight.
    2) The batters stay in the box between pitches.
    Ah when did it all go wrong?


  2. Now don’t get all “get off my lawn!” 🙂

    It’s also nice getting to behold those magnificent Astros jerseys. Along with the Padres, that NL West was full of great unis.


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