400 Days Away

The first posts for the 1984 replay are 400 days away.  That’s just a little over a year.  In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the weekly videos and articles.

Things have been going well in my sim life.  Busy with the holidays, of course.  But also taking a detour with smaller NHL and NBA projects before getting back into the ’84 thing.  By February, I will be doing nothing but ’84 and I imagine that will be where my “sim head” is at full time until October of ’84, by which time I will probably “detour” again for a mini NHL and NBA project.

I am also working on a fun web app for NFL and that has been progressing nicely, but it’s just not complete yet.  If I had to “guesstimate” things, I’d say that I hope to have it finished by the end of the winter.  In short, it’s going to facilitate playing Elementary Strat-o-Matic Football much quicker.  Instead of taking two-plus hours to roll a game, the app will allow me to play a game in less than an hour.

Also, I’d like to announce something a little fun to get you through 2015.  Starting in the middle of January, I will be posting a weekly countdown of the Top 50 Players from the 1984 season.

This list is based on a few different metrics and, to be honest, there are a few players towards the bottom of the list whose Strat-o-Matic cards are not necessarily going to merit them being in the list.  For example, there are some players whose value came predominantly from their defensive abilities, but when the game company put out their card set, they didn’t really rate them in accordance with that reputation.

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