Alan Trammell reminisces on the ’84 Series

Today’s 1984 MLB Flashback is from Detroit Tigers’ shortstop, Alan Trammell, as he looks back on the Series.

In my “Not 1984 MLB” sim life, I wrapped up my first round of the 2010-11 NHL Tournament and was reminded again why I think that is Strat-o-Matic’s 2nd best offering.  Solid game engine that allows me to get a game done in somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

First round results, for those who care to know:

  • Vancouver sweeps Chicago, 3-0
  • Anaheim sweeps Detroit, 3-0
  • Boston defeats Toronto, 3-2
  • Montreal defeats NY Rangers, 3-2

There were a few crazy games in there.  The Western Conference series were not close at all.  In the East, Toronto eked out two wins in overtime, but outside of those the Bruins completely out-played them – their wins were routinely by 3 or more goals.

The Canadiens/Rangers series was a classic, ending in a double-overtime game.  Henrik Lundqvist and Carey Price were both outstanding.

Looking forward to my Conference Finals series, probably to be played sometime later this month.

That is all!


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