#35 – Gary Ward, CF

Gary Ward

Gary Ward

Straight outta’ Compton, Gary Ward was the starting center fielder for the 1984 Texas Rangers.

With 21 HR and a .284 batting average, Ward was one of the few bright spots in a Rangers’ lineup that finished 13th in American League scoring.

It was Ward’s first season with the team, having spent the prior five years with the Minnesota Twins.

Ward led the team with 97 runs scored and seven triples in ’84 and went on to spend two more decent seasons with Texas before moving on to play with the Yankees and Tigers.

In a 12-year career, Gary was a two-time All-Star, making the squad with the Twins in ’83 (.278, 19 HR, 88 RBI) and Rangers in ’85 (.287, 15 HR, 70 RBI, 26 SB).


2 responses to “#35 – Gary Ward, CF

  1. When do the games start Chris?

    Mike Livingston Strat64 deadrock


    • Flying Pickle

      I know! This is annoying, right?! I have rolled quite a few but am scheduling them to appear during 2016 so it feels more like a real season. You will see daily updates next year. I thought that would be more fun than updates that show up once a week. Next project I will probably do diffetently.


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