100 Days Away

The 2015 MLB season is headed towards the postseason in just a week or so here.  Hopefully your team is still giving you a reason to watch.

If not, maybe this 1984 short-season replay will give you something entertaining to watch.

We kick things off in exactly 100 days.

Can’t wait!

These aren’t really spoilers, but it might be fun for previewing things as I’m a bit more than 1/3rd of the way through the project, with all teams having somewhere between 22 and 29 games played so far.

  • 2 of the current 4 division leaders won their division in real life.
  • All 4 of the historical division winners are above .500.
  • One of the current division leaders did not finish the historical 1984 season with a winning record.

I’ll leave you to guessing who my 4 current division leaders are.

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