Season Preview: #17 Montreal Expos

Gary Carter

Gary Carter

The Montreal Expos entered 1984 having had five consecutive winning seasons, but that streak came to an end.

It wasn’t for a lack of quality players, as they had quite a few nice ones.  But surrounding superstar players like Gary Carter, Tim Wallach, and Tim Raines were great players who had a bad year and a few others who were just plain awful.

The 30-year old Carter was again solid behind the plate and played 159 games while batting .294 with 27 HR.  Ridiculous numbers for a catcher.

Wallach hit just .246 with 18 HR but was as solid a defensive third baseman as you’d find in the National League.

Raines hit .309 with a .393 OBP and swiped 75 bases.

Unfortunately, next to him in the outfield was Andre Dawson who hit an uncharacteristically awful .248 with 17 HR.

On the mound, the Expos finished with the 3rd best pitching staff in the NL.

Leading the charge was Charlie Lea (15-10, 2.89) with Bryn Smith (12-13, 3.32) and Bill Gullickson (12-9, 3.61) also putting up decent numbers.

The bullpen was mighty impressive, led by closer Jeff Reardon (23 Sv, 2.90, 8.2 K/9) and swing-man Dan Schatzeder (2.71).

I’m looking forward to rolling some games with the Expos.  For one, I miss the team being around.  I grew up with these guys.  Secondly, I visited Montreal last year and really loved the city.  And third, Youppi.




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