NL Day 8: Astros Do It Again

Harry Spilman

Harry Spilman

Astros 3, Dodgers 2
Something always goes right for Houston, it seems, as they improve to 5-1.  All five wins this season have been by a single run and 4 of those 5 wins have been credited to a member of the bullpen.  Today they take a 1-0 lead in the 1st inning on three straight L.A. errors.  Bob Knepper cruises until the 7th inning when he serves up back-to-back solo shots to Mike Marshall (2) and Mike Scioscia.  They head into the bottom of the 9th trailing 2-1 to Alejandro Pena who is dealing for the Dodgers. Phil Garner triples to lead off. Jose Cruz walks. Jerry Mumphrey is erased on a 6-3 when Anderson makes a great play at short. Enos Cabell is walked to load the bases. Kevin Bass grounds to third and Garner is thrown out at home. Bases loaded, two out, down by one. Jim Pankovits pinch hits and singles a run in to tie it. In comes Tom Niedenfuer to pitch and Harry Spilman to pinch hit and up comes another single. Game over. Astros have been outscored this season but have a 5-1 record. Go figure.

Cubs 3, Phillies 1
Chicago moves into 1st place in the NL East with their 3rd straight win over the Phils. Dennis Eckersley (W 2-0) allows 1 run in 8 innings of work. Lee Smith (S 2) gives up a leadoff single to Oliver before John Wockenfuss lines out to Davey Lopes at 2nd base who then doubles Oliver off of first.  Ozzie Virgil grounds out to Lopes and that’s the ballgame. Why so many mentions of Lopes at second? Because Ryne Sandberg came up with a 2-game injury in the 7th inning. He had gone 2-for-4 with a triple before the injury.  He’s hitting .292 this season. Gary Matthews homered for the Cubs. Steve Carlton (L 1-1) threw well, but gets stuck with the loss.

Padres 10, Cardinals 7
St. Louis has nobody eligible to start who is rated as a starter and only three rested pitchers available to boot. They turn to Neil Allen (who made 1 start in ’84) and the worst possible thing happens – he only makes it through 1.2 innings before he’s out of the game.  The Padres put 8 runs on the board in the inning. The Cardinals make a game of it, scoring 5 in the 6th and 2 more in the 9th. They actually have two men on with nobody out before Goose Gossage (S 1) comes in for San Diego and ends the game with a strike out of David Green. Kevin McReynolds homered for the 2nd time this year for the 3-1 Padres.

Braves 10, Reds 2
Things continue to start poorly for Cincinnati. Promising young pitcher Jay Tibbs gets his first start of the season, serves up two fluky homers to Rafael Ramirez and Gerald Perry to fall behind 3-0 early on, and then comes up injured when batting in the bottom of the 3rd.  He’s going to miss 15 games before returning, so things aren’t looking too good for the Reds. The Braves, on the other hand, are now 4-2. Craig McMurtry (W 1-0) takes a shutout into the 9th before running out of gas. Chris Chambliss and Ken Oberkfell also went deep in a 4-homer game for the Bravos.

Pirates 8, Expos 7
A wild back and forth game that has 5 lead changes, the final one coming on Lee Mazzilli’s solo homer in the bottom of the 7th. Kent Tekulve throws a perfect 9th inning for his 2nd save of the season. On the bright side for the 1-5 Expos, their bats woke up, as they hit their first homers of the season including a pair by Gary Carter. Tim Raines also homered for them in the first at bat of the game, but was later injured and will miss a game. Andre Dawson went 2-for-4 and is hitting .381 this year.


NL EAST                   W    L   PCT  GB    STR
Chicago Cubs              4    2  .667   -    W 3
Pittsburgh Pirates        4    4  .500   1    W 2
Philadelphia Phillies     3    3  .500   1    L 3
St. Louis Cardinals       3    3  .500   1    L 2
New York Mets             2    2  .500   1    W 1
Montreal Expos            1    5  .167   3    L 2

NL WEST                   W    L   PCT  GB    STR
Houston Astros            5    1  .833   -    W 2
Atlanta Braves            4    2  .667   1    W 1
San Diego Padres          3    1  .750   1    W 2
San Francisco Giants      3    3  .500   2    L 1
Los Angeles Dodgers       3    5  .375   3    L 2
Cincinnati Reds           1    5  .167   4    L 1


     BATTER                        PITCHER                  
ATL  Dale Murphy                   Rick Mahler              
     .364, 2 HR, 9 RBI             1-0, 0.00               
CHC  Bob Dernier                   Dennis Eckersley         
     .320, 4 SB                    2-0, 0.53, 11 K         
CIN  Gary Redus                    Ted Power                
     .300, 1 SB                    1 Sv, 0.00              
HOU  Phil Garner                   Frank DiPino             
     .455, 4 RBI                   2-0, 1 Sv, 1.35         
LAD  Bill Russell                  Rick Honeycutt           
     .545                          1-0, 1.00               
MON  Andre Dawson                  Steve Rogers             
     .381, 4 RBI                   1-0, 0.00               
NYM  Mookie Wilson                 Bruce Berenyi            
     .333, 1 HR, 3 SB              1-0, 0.00               
PHI  Mike Schmidt                  Steve Carlton            
     .391, 3 HR, 8 RBI             1-1, 1.59, 8 K          
PIT  Jason Thompson                John Tudor               
     .280, 3 HR, 6 RBI             2-0, 0.57, 8 K          
SDP  Tony Gwynn                    Goose Gossage            
     .438, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 SB       1-0, 1 Sv, 0.00         
SFG  Jeff Leonard                  Mike Krukow              
     .412, 1 HR, 5 RBI             1-1, 3.21, 9 K          
STL  David Green                   Bruce Sutter             
     .333, 1 HR, 3 RBI             3 Sv, 0.00              


 1. Garner, Phil (HOU)             .455
 2. Washington, Claudell (ATL)     .444
 3. Gwynn, Tony (SDP)              .438
 4. Foster, George (NYM)           .412
    Leonard, Jeff (SFG)            .412
 6. Ramirez, Rafael (ATL)          .407
 7. Brooks, Hubie (NYM)            .400
 8. Schmidt, Mike (PHI)            .391
 9. Wohlford, Jim (MON)            .389
10. Guerrero, Pedro (LAD)          .382

1. Schmidt, Mike (PHI)               3
   Thompson, Jason (PIT)             3
3. Brooks, Hubie (NYM)               2
   Carter, Gary (MON)                2
   Cruz, Jose (HOU)                  2
   Foster, George (NYM)              2
   Marshall, Mike (LAD)              2
   McReynolds, Kevin (SDP)           2
   Murphy, Dale (ATL)                2
   Trevino, Alex (ATL)               2
   Virgil, Ozzie (PHI)               2

1. Murphy, Dale (ATL)                9
2. McReynolds, Kevin (SDP)           8
   Schmidt, Mike (PHI)               8
   Virgil, Ozzie (PHI)               8
5. Thompson, Scot (SFG)              7

1. Dernier, Bob (CHC)                4
   Raines, Tim (MON)                 4
3. Washington, Claudell (ATL)        3
   Wilson, Mookie (NYM)              3

 1. Andujar, Joaquin (STL)         0.00
    Berenyi, Bruce (NYM)           0.00
    Darling, Ron (NYM)             0.00
    Horton, Ricky (STL)            0.00
    Mahler, Rick (ATL)             0.00
    Robinson, Jeff (SFG)           0.00
    Rogers, Steve (MON)            0.00
    Sutter, Bruce (STL)            0.00
    Whitson, Ed (SDP)              0.00
10. Eckersley, Dennis (CHC)        0.53

1. DiPino, Frank (HOU)             2-0
   Eckersley, Dennis (CHC)         2-0
   Sambito, Joe (HOU)              2-0
   Tudor, John (PIT)               2-0
5. Andujar, Joaquin (STL)          1-0
   Berenyi, Bruce (NYM)            1-0
   Gossage, Goose (SDP)            1-0
   Hershiser, Orel (LAD)           1-0
   Honeycutt, Rick (LAD)           1-0
   Horton, Ricky (STL)             1-0
   Hudson, Charlie (PHI)           1-0
   Laskey, Bill (SFG)              1-0
   Mahler, Rick (ATL)              1-0
   McMurtry, Craig (ATL)           1-0
   Niekro, Joe (HOU)               1-0
   Robinson, Don (PIT)             1-0
   Rogers, Steve (MON)             1-0
   Sanderson, Scott (CHC)          1-0
   Sutcliffe, Rick (CHC)           1-0
   Thurmond, Mark (SDP)            1-0
   Whitson, Ed (SDP)               1-0

1. Sutcliffe, Rick (CHC)            15
2. Pena, Alejandro (LAD)            14
   Valenzuela, Fernando (LAD)       14
4. Perez, Pascual (ATL)             13
5. Eckersley, Dennis (CHC)          11
   Welch, Bob (LAD)                 11

1. Sutter, Bruce (STL)               3
2. Smith, Lee (CHC)                  2
   Tekulve, Kent (PIT)               2


ATL   4-2   Mahler, R            (1-0, 0.00)
SFG   3-3   Lerch, R             (NR)

CHC   4-2   Ruthven, D           (NR)
NYM   2-2   Terrell, W           (0-0, 2.25)

STL   3-3   Andujar, J           (1-0, 0.00)
MON   1-5   Palmer, D            (NR)

LAD   3-5   Valenzuela, F        (0-0, 4.50)
CIN   1-5   Russell, J           (0-1, 4.50)

3 responses to “NL Day 8: Astros Do It Again

  1. are you allowing the Cubs to use Sutcliffe and Eckersley for the whole replay? If so they are going to be very tough to beat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like somebody asked me this before… But yes, all teams are using their “as carded” rosters. So basically players are on the team they finished with. Always have trouble with the idea of the “as played” replay. Say, for example, that in the replay the Indians play amazing. Then they wouldn’t really trade Sut. It has downstream effects. So I keep it simple and play as carded with no trades.


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