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Nearing 3/4 Mark

I’ve rolled out over 600 of the 832 games (not including playoffs) for this 1984 project.

I’ve wrapped up 63 of the 88 days on the schedule.

Every team has somewhere between 41 and 49 of their 64 games completed.

Progress is being made, even if I’m put a hiatus on the posts here.

Just keeping folks informed.

I paused the posts after Day 44 – exactly half-way through the project.

At the mid-way point, both of the American League’s real-life division-winners are leading in this replay as well, while the National League’s division-winners are both close and playing well, but not in the lead.

The Detroit Tigers (25-8) have won 11 straight games, leading the Cleveland Indians by 5 games in the American League East. Can the Tribe continue their early season magic? Will the Bengals slow down? Or could the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees still make a move?

The Kansas City Royals (20-11) are doing much better than the 84-78 record they had in 1984, holding a narrow 2.5 game lead over the Oakland Athletics in the American League West. Like Cleveland, Oakland started off hot but then cooled off a bit. And don’t forget the Seattle Mariners (4 GB) and Minnesota Twins (4 GB). And if not for a 5-game losing streak heading into our respite here, the California Angels (6 GB) would have this division a five-way race.

In the National League East, recent losing streaks by the 1st place Philadelphia Phillies (18-12) and Chicago Cubs (1 GB) have opened the door for the New York Mets (2 GB), Montreal Expos (3 GB) and Pittsburgh Pirates (5 GB). The division is definitely up for grabs. Thus far, Philly and Chicago have taken turns in the lead, but it’s clear that there are a few other teams who could take over by the time we’re done.

Ditto for the National League West, where the Houston Astros (17-13) have lived up to my pre-season pick for winning the division. The Atlanta Braves are just 1 game back with three other teams – San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds – are just 2 games back. Wow. Five teams within 2 games of the division lead? Forget picking this one right now. Even the last place San Francisco Giants are only 5 back.

Once I get my 66th day of games in the books, I’ll start scheduling more blog posts of the usual daily recap variety.

For the final quarter of the season, however, I’m thinking of changing the format a bit more. I may stretch out a day longer, with some blog posts encompassing individual games. For example, if Day 67 of the schedule has 3 games that are really interesting, you may see that spread across five separate blog posts – one for each of the big three games, then the two daily recap posts.

My other concern is really getting in the way of the 2016 MLB season. This stuff is more interesting to follow when there’s not real baseball being played, so it’s almost more interesting as a late fall/winter thing.

Right now my thought is to bring you days 45 to 66 from July to mid-September, then take another little break and bring you the final quarter of the season beginning right after the 2016 World Series.

But we’ll see. Life happens.

Thanks for following along.