Video Game Flashback: Atari 7800


Everybody remembers the venerable Atari 2600, but not too many remember the 7800.

Like Beta and LaserDisc, it was one of those technologies that my father invested in which didn’t exactly turn out a winner.

To be fair to him, I’m sure his three songs whined incessantly about wanting one, though I can’t recall for sure. My younger brother was the big gamer and I don’t have any recollections about our older brother ever playing a video game.

I usually sat over a shoulder of my younger brother and was content to just watch him play.

If you have no recollection

I was wondering just now if there was ever an Atari 5200. How did we jump straight from the 2600 to the 7800? Now I see on Wikipedia that there was, in fact, a 5200. I have no memory of that ever existing.

Atari made an announcement on May 21st, 1984, that the 5200 would be replaced with the 7800.

However, the release was pushed back two years after Atari was sold.

I didn’t recall this, but apparently the console was backwards compatible with the 2600 cartridges. And it had a keyboard that could be plugged in to it.

The system was a failure and discontinued on January 1st, 1992.


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